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Is Finally Rich the 21st Century Illmatic ?

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In a way it’s become the de facto blueprint not for just rap but pop music in general, started with Speaker Knockers and just Chicago to influencing the swath of almost every single young artist post 2012.

It’s will probably extend even beyond rap with pop artists like Billie Eillish’s WWAFAWDWG, Post Malone, and Charli XCX
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I wanted to make a joke about how disrespectful OP was for comparing Finally Rich to trash, but Illmatic is so fucking good and important to the culture that I can’t, even for the shambles
If I try to list the amount of top 40 songs and artists it has influenced it would take me a week.

Just the artist who according to their own testaments let alone those if you over look those who conceal it’s are tremendous

Yung Lean
Fetty Wap
Anuel AA
Tay K
Lil Tecca
Lil Uzi
Juice WRLD
Lil Skies
A Boogie
Lil Peep
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Campaign said:
Good post and comparison
thx bro
In terms of influence I think it’s comparable when you look at how Keef shifted the sound in hip hop and compare it to how Nas changed the sound in his era. Illmatic is leagues above Finally Rich if we are talking quality tho lol
It got a lot of hate from people I know when it dropped but in retrospect definitely a classic
Finally rich is an amazing album but you can't even compare them two.
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