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iPod Touch won't get detected by iTunes

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Alright, so here's the full story.
Optional read. I let my sister use my laptop and she fucked it up(the cord pulled out that thing in the power input in the laptop) and now it won't charge and the battery died. I use my desktop for everything, but use the laptop because the desktop is fucked up.
Anyway, I'm forced to use my desktop computer to sync my iPod, but it doesn't work for some gay ass reason. Also, I need to transfer my music from my iPod to my computer.

iPod Touch 4th generation
Jailbroken with redsn0w
Current Firmware is 4.3.3

I tried going into services and restarting the Apple Mobile Device service, it doesn't start up if I have my iPod plugged in.
I unplug my iPod and start it up, then plug it back in. "This iPod cannot be used because the Apple Mobile Device isn't started".
What the fuck? I go back into services, and it literally kills itself, and won't re-open. The startup type chosen for AMD is automatic.

When trying to put the music from my iPT, I heard the "iPhoneBrowser" worked with it, so I decided to use that to try and put the music on my computer. When I open it, it takes a good 3 minutes of waiting before it gives me an error message saying "An error has occurred during the load. Error text: AMDeviceNotificationSubscribe failed with error -402653085. The program will now exit." I heard a solution to this is to make sure the iPod is detected on iTunes, but obviously that's not something that can be done.

Anyway, just wondering if anyone from KTT can help.
(I'm running Windows 7 32-bit.)
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DenpaAsF•CK said:
im pretty sure you have to unistall jsut the apple mobile device service then download an older copy of itunes then extract the apple mobile device from there & then install it ! thats what i did to fix mine
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