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Into the Wild

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is it the best film ever? one of the most beautiful in the last 20 years for sure.

amazing photography, GOAT soundtrack (Eddie Vedder >>>>), based-on-a-true-story swag, life-changing quotes... it's like 20000 times better than the book... I think this really has it all.
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truman said:
both true as fuck. I still want to do something like that, not that extreme but I wanna just go away for a while, even if it's now different to escape from civilization. it's crazy how fast the world has changed over the last 20 years.

and yes, the movie changed my life. I've also read the book, it's full of inspiring quotes from McCandless's diary and also from famous books he had with him in the bus. even started reading some of them (had already read Tolstoj's Kreutzer Sonata, now I'm into Pasternak). I don't wanna emulate him, but I realized we have some things in common, and sometimes I think about what he did and I ask myself 'why not?'. I don't wanna have that 'regular life' he talks about. that's it.
we have a lot alike my friend. I saw the movie and read the book around the same time when I was a junior in high school. Changed my thinking in this drastic fashion that I was not ready for at all, picked up Call of the Wild and read as much as I could find about Chris's life. I was amazed at what it brought out of my sub conscious, this wild desire to live according to my own happiness and that we actually have the power to do so. It stirred up my soul in this intense way and that fire is still very much alive now. I wasn't inspired by what he literally did, but how he went about his life. People seem to think a lot that if you talk about Chris or the movie/book and how it inspires you then you must want to go isolate yourself in the middle of nowhere as well but it was never about that for me. He expressed to everyone he met how important it is to live your own adventures, to take control of your life and explore happiness. It's incredible how much of an impact he's had on people because of the book and movie, it's such a beautiful thing.
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