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i have this horrible lack of sleep... now it's 10am here and i came home last night at 2 am thinking i'll sleep now like a baby but i can't... i can't sleep like normal people do (16+8)... i can't hold that rotation for shit and it's driving me crazy..next week i'm starting to work for the first time in my life (7 to 3) and i have no idea how will i survive it... FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

let's say i fall asleep in 8pm tomorrow
then i'll wake up next day in 3am
then that day i'll fall asleep in 10pm
wake up in 5am
then sleep from 00:00 to 7am
and every next day my clock is going up

so then it comes down to days like this when i can't fall asleep until it's 10 or 11 am...  so it's not really insomnia, it's more like disturbed sleeping system or schedule or something... and i have no freaking idea what to do, of course drugs don't come into question, i don't want them... how the fuck will i work every day without the rest...oh just KILL ME :D
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