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Steve-Ography Presents Inside The Mind Of MeLo 2 (Mixtape)

Following up on the success of Inside The Mind of Melo Part 1; Steve-oraphy presents "Inside The Mind of Melo PT. 2". A compilation of Melo-X's recent releases including his remixes of The Weeknd's "Crew Love", Lana Del Rey's "Video Games", Mara Hruby's "The Panties" & more. You can also find a couple new exclusives on there as well. Enjoy.

1. The Weeknd Love Triangle
2. The Panties (Slow Down God-Mix)
3. Video Games (MeLo-X Live Remix)
4. White (Gentrification Mix)
5. Crew Love Ft The Weeknd - MeLo-X Remix
6. Bonfire (Lennox God Mix)
7. Cockiness (The Royal Penis Is Clean Mix)
8. Marleys Garden (Prod. By MeLo-X)
9. Fire Geomu
10. Gone Baby (Original Version)
11. The Dark Joker
12. Xtra Drop
13. Thunder Bay (Electric Punanny Remix)

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