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icedcream said:
so my granddad passed away a couple years ago(RIP) and he left me and my bro about 6k each. My brother wants to pool the money and get a couple rolexes or a audemars as family heirlooms. I kinda want to spend it on clothes. What do you guys think I should do?
THIS is What you should do man

I dunno how old you are but money dosen't grow on trees. Your grandad left you that money because he loves you and wants to help you. i'd put that all in a savings account and dont touch it wait till u really in need and that money will come thru. Life is a roller coaster unpredictable and you never know what happens, whenever you get ahold of a surprise couple thousand like that you should thank God and put it aside act like you aint have it if you dont need it till you need it.

1 - 20 of 65 Posts