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Indie Band Game

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You pick two Indie artists and the person below you pick which one they think is better, and preferably why but it's not necessary. I'll start

Bon Iver v. Sigur Ros
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Animal Collective vs Grizzly Bear
ecabney said:

Real Estate vs Woods
Real Estate

Tallest Man On Earth or Devendra Banhart

ecabney said:
Tallest Man on Earth

Lucas Vercetti or Ezra Koenig (who's the hottest hunk in white man's indie?)
Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayuuuuum!  How you gonna drop that one? Lucas is on fire right now, but Ezra is like the Ryan Gosling of Indie, bros wish they were him and bishes wish they had him....

Imma have to go with Ezra though.

Diplo or Skrillex (who would you rather have spin at your next frat party?)
ecabney said:

Carrie Brownstein or Marnie Stern (Better female guitarist)
Carrie Brownstein

Jeff Buckley or Daniel Johnston
ecabney said:
Jeff Buckley

Annie Clark or Angel Deradoorian (cuter alt-babe)
Angel all the way

Nathan Williams & Bethany Cosentino or Win Butler & Regine Chassagne (better indie power couple)
1 - 5 of 54 Posts
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