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Indie Band Game

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You pick two Indie artists and the person below you pick which one they think is better, and preferably why but it's not necessary. I'll start

Bon Iver v. Sigur Ros
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Lamartard said:
Angel all the way

Nathan Williams & Bethany Cosentino or Win Butler & Regine Chassagne (better indie power couple)
Arcade Fire all day

Neon Indian or Washed Out (Better chillwave artist)
Based Trilla said:
Toro Y Moi or Washed Out
Washed Out
The Postal Service or The Limousines
ecabney said:
Jai Paul or Kwes
Jai Paul

Dirty Projectors or Cults
YeezItalia said:

The Avalanches vs. Ratatat

Lykke Li v. Lights
luemas said:
Lykke Li

Revolver vs Abbey Road
Wrong thread, however Abbey Road, Revolver is more influential but Abbey Road is a better altogether album
1 - 8 of 54 Posts
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