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Inception (SPOILERS!!!)

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December 7th 2010

get ready
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Bliss said:
2nd best movie of 2010
3rd best movie of all time
I'd agree. Is The Social Network your #1 of 2010?
Bliss said:
yes it is. your's?
Its hard. inception is my favorite movie of all time. but i LOVE TSN. haha. they just keep switching postions.
Bliss said:
oh haha nice. TSN is my favorite movie of all time
that movie is damn near perfection. inception and TSN coming out in the same year was just :wom:
this year has been about surprises. all the real hyped up movies failed to impress. super 8 was amazing though. and crazy stupid love. apes was really good. couple others.

2008 was the GOAT year, literally. 2012 will take over for that though.
Bliss said:
2008 had good movies but i wouldnt call it GOAT year
I was meaning in terms of box office total gross, but I was wrong anyway. 2009 was the most successful year.
Whoever was saying that Cobb's son couldnt build a house of a cliff without it being in a dream, should jump off one.
Mr West said:
The whole point of the movie is that Cobb's father-in-law (Michael Caine) is actually doing Inception on Cobb, with the idea that is being planted that Cobb can live with his kids in reality.

When Cobb goes to Michael Caine's school and asks for a good architect for his plan, Caine gives him some random chick who Cobb ends up trusting completely.

You know why? Because Caine is also a forger like Eames and is actually Ariadine(juno girl).

This is why the girl is able to go deep inside with Caine, and why Mal(Cobb's natural defense system, like the security guards for Fischer in the car chase) never attacks Ariadine, because she would never attack her own Father.

When Cobb finds old Saito at the end, Saito shoots him and sends him further into Limbo. By doing this he allows Cobb to see his kids again, even though it is in limbo it is so real that Cobb doesn't know he is dreaming.

Honestly, how can Saito make a call and in 5 minutes Interpol, US Customs, the FBI, and local police all let Cobb go? Impossible.

Why does Caine say your welcome when Cobb arrives home off the plane? How did he even know which flight Cobb was on? Because he was Ariadine as a forger.

Why are Cobb's kids in the same position, wearing the same clothes, and the same age as when Cobb last saw them? Because in Limbo you construct things based on memory.
vynnithereject said:
yo how did Cobb get to Old Sito's crib? was there a 5th kick? Were they both in limbo or was it just Cobb? If they both died in the other dream layers, how did they survive
They were both in limbo, which is where they go if they died that deep in the dreams
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