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Inception (SPOILERS!!!)

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December 7th 2010

get ready
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DIAZ said:
Accept it.
nothing to accept tbh

until Nolan says it I accept what he showed
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DIAZ said:
A top about to fall down and the sound of it falling once the credits role. Plus, I think someone who was in the movie, also in that scene, can be considered a reliable source.
dude there was no falling sound. ive seen this movie like 5 times, and it was fucking dead silent then the music and title card comes on

▲FlyMx said:
You will never know tbh
That is the point lol unless
Of course Nolan comes out and
gives you a final resolution but there is
No right or wrong answer it all comes
down to what you believe I myself believe he was still dreaming...he spinned the top but ignored it not because he knew he was in reality but because he no longer cared he was with his kids and that's all he needed but the top continues to spin and the movie ends leaving it open ended
believe what you want
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Gus said:
when the actual fucking director just clarified the shit like nuthin after the film was released..
I just googled "christopher nolan explains inception ending"

HA, nothing even remotely close says Nolan clarifies the ending.
you are dumb. provide the source of Nolan saying this
Gus said:

that isn't christopher nolan. thats an actor. kill yourself

Gus said:
Besides the director claiming it was..
Gus said:
the actual fucking director just clarified the shit like nuthin after the film was released..
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Coldplay Expert said:
Here's a link, with a citation in the article section: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inception_(film)#Interpretation
move up a bit more and we'll see Christopher Nolan directed Inception...not Michael Caine :facepalm:
CJ The Genesis said:
As quoted from that article:

"Part of what makes Inception’s ending great is that it’s open to interpretation."

fucking basically
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If I ever see Nolan admit to the movie being reality/dream .... :facepalm:, should never happen
*ignoring gus now*

1st he ditched the Chargers

2nd he promised manny was going to lose

3rd now he's naming actors directors?
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uhh no I personally don't think Nolan has a concrete ending for the movie....Caine has his own interpretation as does everyone else :work: btw I do believe it was reality.
me and nolan was chilling with ye and jay and he said

its a dream

case closed
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