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What up guys....can you help me out with something?

Ive been saving up some extra money for a while now and I want to splurge a little bit. Here's the 2 ways I could go:

1- iPad 2.

2- iPod Touch AND a new camera(I'll detail that in a second)

If I go with option 1, the iPad, I cannot buy anything else for a while but I know I will be very happy with the iPad.

If I go with option 2...I get a new iPod which I NEED. I have a very old 1GB nano that I really need to upgrade but it still works and thats all I really care about tbh. ALSO with this option I could buy a camera which i would like to have. It's a Fujifilm Finepix S4000....nothing too great but it's 14mpx with 30.0 zoom. Im not a photographer but I like to take pictures as a hobby and I dont have a good camera to do so as of right now.

So help me out guys, what direction should I go in. I love the iPad and I want it but I'm leaning towards option 2 because I get 2 things I will end up using alot and for different things. By the way, Im a graphic designer and HS senior planning on going in graphic design as my major in college....so I want to spend my money wisely on the option that will help me out the most.

Here are my worries/thoughts about both options...

- Im concerned Im duplicating what I can do on my laptop(not a mac) with the iPad. Thats pretty much the bottom line. ALTHOUGH I can see myself using both simultaneously while I work on school work/graphic design work on my laptop. I could have email/twitter/iTunes up on the iPad while I work with all my files/Photoshop/word etc on my laptop. It would cut down on the pressure I put on my laptop.

-I need an iPod upgrade but my current iPod works fine. It just doesnt hold all my music. I would also love to watch movies/play games on the iPod when I have to take it on a trip or take the pod to school, etc. I would probably use the iPod an awful lot more than I use my current one, but what advantages would I have in having an iPod instead of an iPad other than portability?
-The camera is something I have wanted for a while...I can use the pictures for graphic design and other projects I will need to do. It will definitely see alot of use....I dont really ahve a worry about the camera other than the fact that if I get the cam+the ipod combo...I cant get an ipad.

BOTTOM LINE: In your opinion, what should I do based on the shit ton of info I just gave you guys? Is the iPad the best thing to get right now? Is it really worth $499? How often do YOU use your's?

Just give me some guidance guys. My family says to go with option 2 but everyone else I know says to go with the iPad. Im lost....lol
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