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It's not a social anxiety type of thing though fr, that's not what I mean

When I go out in public, let's say to the grocery store, I see people all over the place and it really bothers me
I feel disgusted and sometimes feel like I'm intruding in territory that I'm not welcome to
Like I'm not supposed to show my face in public because I don't belong there, like I belong on my own chilling at home

Even at home though when a family member comes in the room I see a human being and I immediately want it away from me, the appearance is disturbing
Not because I'm afraid or nervous but rather out of frustration and disapproval I think

Its weird man but I'm not just talking nonsense here, this is how I've been seeing the world for a while now and it's annoying because I need to get a job and stuff but I'm always avoiding other people

TLDR: it screws with my head to see other people irl, regardless of the setting and whether I know them or not
Afterwards I feel a strange sense of resentment, strange because I don't know who or what it is really against

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Hi I'm Doctor h2o, take a seat

You have a serious case of something but I can't quite pinpoint what it is. I'm going to have to refer you to a specialist. Go to your real doctor and tell him everything you told me.

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