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I'm Beaming RMX - Fame Killz (DROPP'D)

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Lol fuck you CT, and this will actually be good quality for once :datass:
8th Wonder said:
time frame??
Soon :work: haha
Synopsis said:
East coast right?
My boy is mixing right now tbh, dropping before Midnight.
Omg sorry for the wait but I'm dropping in a few minutes :work:
Synopsis said:
lol. You still doing ur tape tho?
Ofcourse !
bump for dropage.
Synopsis said:
Pretty good. Liked the clearasil line. You gotta mic yet?
No :ohno: I'm slacking. Once I get a mic I'll DL mixcraft and start doing tracks on my own
Synopsis said:
Mixcraft is so simple. Try to finish all your recordings in 14 days though
Trial? lmao
Anything I need to fix or work on besides a new mic tho ?
Synopsis said:
Not really. I mean, I've liked your flow from the start, lyrics are about a C+ with some dope lines here and there, but lyrical ability usually grows the more you rap and to me, you have potential to be pretty dope, as long as you put in the necessary time and effort
Great dude :) really appreciate that, I'm trying hard not to use similies, my old videos that's kinda all I used so I'm trying to step it up step by step.
Synopsis said:
I've been confused on this, whatcis a similie? Also there are many different like styles of rapping. Some dudes have a great flow,some are light years ahead when it comes to metaphors, rhyme scheme stuff like that. Others are great storytellers. To me though, what sets the greats apart, is not focusing on one style, but to try and be good in every category
A similie is when you use "like"

ex: had her sucking like a vacuum
    sexy skinny girl, suttin like a bad broom

I'm trying not to do that shit and flow nicely, so far my flow is golden IMO, need to work on the lyrics next, then delivery.
To anyone who didn't notice and is gonna ask "why u got distortion on?"

the song has a  futuristic feel to it, the beat, the distortion, the cover ( a robot ) and some of the lyrics hint at the "robotic flow"

can you find the lyrics that hint at this? :joe:
i'm def down to collab, wanna do a track for my tape?
Synopsis said:
we still collabin right?
yes sir.
Synopsis said:
any ideas for a beat yet?
Popular or Cant Tell Me Nothing or Black & Yellow?
Synopsis said:
Popular is a first option, Cant Tell Me Nothing would be good, and Black and Yellow would be alright. Its up to you in the end though.
I'm down for either one, although Popular sounds better.
Synopsis said:
mhmm, Popular it is then.
there's a close to perfect instrumental floating around here right?
PicassoIsHIPHOP said:
who did the artwork for this?
relaxrelapse !
1 - 20 of 45 Posts
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