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I hate everything.

A new movie comes out that I have been anticipating for years? I'll nitpick.Weak plot. Too long. Bad acting. Not funny.
A new video game comes out that I have been anxiously waiting for since forever? The version before it was better.
A new album comes out that the artist worked really hard on and is critically acclaimed by everyone and everything? Overrated. It isn't perfect.

And yet I like ANYTHING Drake puts out. I know. I know. Headlines could have been better. AND YET IT HAS BEEN ON REPEAT FOR THE LAST 3 HOURS.

I'm not used to genuinely liking things. The only things I blindly love are food (with meat in it), Drake's music, football and a woman. That's it. Everything else gets a constant barrage of hate from me. Now I know better than to verbalize these things in public cuz who wants to hang out with a dude who is constantly complaining? But these things do swim in my mind.

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