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If MBDTF was pushed back to Spring 2011...

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For whatever reason... due to tha leaks, or jus wanted to get more creative with the album... how would you feel? i'd probly be pissed cuz i was hype for it to be out September 14th... then erthing (Good Music Artist Albums) got pushed back too. Hate pushbacks.
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Liquid said:
this is your first post..

you did register to ask only this???????

well i've been on kanyelive for a while. i been on KTT for tha past week or 2 but i b busy so i jus read posts usually. Hey waddaya kno... this is my 2nd post! -_-
you disappoint me said:
wtf you have 1k posts
Well I had 1 or 2 posts 5 years ago when I made this thread... lol Back when I was 20 wow
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