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1 Hell Of A Life  
2 Dark Fantasy  
3 Power  
4 Chain Heavy  
5 Ghetto University  
6 That’s My Bitch  
7 Runaway  
8 Lost In The World  
9 Gorgeous  
10 Monster  
11 Holding Me Back  
12 Devil In A New Dress  
13 The Joy  
14 So Appauled  
15 Blame Game  
16 Sweat On My Face

Of course the original album wouldn't have changes that have been made, [like features, additional production] but anyone besides me gonna make a playlist of the original tracklist to see how the album couldve sounded?

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ryno said:
Yeah I'll make a seperate playlist or something, not in place of the album, but just to see how it'd sound. And plus, once the album drops, we'll already have 3/4 of the record for hype.
Yeah I meant a playlist not in place, I'm satisfied with the tracklsit just curious of what coulda been you know

iHateFJ said:
do you even know if this songs were even suppose to be on the album?
to begin with..... the album its what it is now respect kanye's decisions
fucking obviously they were if they were all grouped together and most of them are on the album now. And it's just out of curiousity and once again im satisfied with the album
1 - 4 of 35 Posts
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