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Seriously guys STFU and stop crying. Ye & Hova gave us an amazing album. Appreciate it. It may not be perfect but shit it's pretty damn close.

I gave this album a more in-depth, second listen while driving home tonight and blasting it and I don't understand how people can already say they hate certain tracks. Sure, there were some tracks I didn't immediately like but after a few listens I was like DAMN.

Let me break it down because I just don't understand what's not to like.

No Church In the Wild - DOPE with an exotic, worldly flare.

Lift Off - Amazing song, definitely a hit, power vocals, everything. Seriously why are people bashing this one?

****** In Paris - HARD AS FUCK. What's not to like?

Otis - Sounds much better in relation to the rest of the album and another great song.

Gotta Have It - fucking AWESOME.

New Day - beautiful and bold.

That's My Bitch - very unique sound, sounds better than the earlier version.

Welcome to the Jungle - sick bass, really beginning to grow on me.

Who Gon Stop Me - DOPE and fucking awesome breakdown.

Murder to Excellence - amazing, growing on me.

Made In America - another beautiful song.

Why I Love You So - amazing closer.

Illest Motherfucker Alive - by far my favorite on the album so far. so fucking epic, beautiful, and tough.

H.A.M. - always loved it and still do.

Primetime - again fucking DOPE.

The Joy - chill, not as epic but still a great effort.

Maybe I'm over-simplifying somethings because I know a lot of people think Hov has more of a presence on the album or that Kanye's style isn't completely apparent or whatever but STILL this is an amazing album and an album that has put me in a very confident, positive place right now.
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