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First song is very chill. I like it. Second song, Anthem I think, is amazing. Seems like it could be made into a stadium status type song. The third song is a nice remix. I really like the sample. At first it sounded exactly like the original, then you managed to flip it into something really nice. To be honest I didn't really like AYBABTU that much. I guess it wasn't my style. I like the piano part around 3:14. The drums on Overcast sounds like something Radiohead would do + the Coldplay sample makes it epic. The drums on Capashen sounds like the Skull Snaps drum break. I think it would've sounded better without the distortion/compression. It does get a little repetitve after a while. I like "They Were Sewing Machines" more than Jason Derulo's version/flip. Counting Stars would be epic with Toro y Moi singing over it and then someone rapping over the drum break. I wasn't really feeling [Working Title] too much. I didn't even notice the sample on Aggressive Negotiations until the hook. Nice song. Mindfuck is another good song. I like the sample. The part in the middle is nice too. Kind of dubstepish? The Wolf sounded like the chord progression on the intro for The Office at first. :D Last Man Out sounds like it can be turned into a trap beat. Real epic drums and the strings towards the end are nice, too.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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