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I thought this was hilarious. NBA Elite Video

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This is how bad EA has been and had to cancel the next two years of Elite/Live whatever you wanna call itto work on the game. 

Just wait for Bynum in the middle, LOL

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Yo Jimbo! said:
So I heard this game is canceled or something? FAIL.
from what I heard it's actually cancelled until 2013.
Yo Jimbo! said:
Wow that's bad. And now with all the praise NBA 2K11 has been receiving, EA has little to no chance of redeeming themselves.
idk man ever since the 2k series came out, it just over powered Live.  I don't want what it is but Live is just a really subpar shitty game.
du said:
Live was the shit during 2003- 2007

Just Blaze on the Track!
especially when they introduced the slam dunk contest, thats right when they were in control to own the basketball games
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1 - 4 of 22 Posts
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