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Today we were suppose to have class... and an essay was due today... but when I got to class a few minutes late, there was nobody there, including my professor. Since we had off yesterday due to the Easter break, I immediately assumed the schedule has been changed due to the fact that sometimes the school alters the schedule, causing Monday classes to be held on Tuesday... However, I called up a few of my friends as well as the administration and they confirmed that today was going by the regular Tuesday schedule. I then went to his office which is located in a different building to hand him my paper, however he was not there and the door was locked... There were other students in my class at the front of his office door, and they too were perplexed what happened to my professor... There was no note on his door, no note on the classroom door, and none of us received any e-mails from him indicating class has been canceled... I didn't think anything of it and slid the essay underneath his door and left...

Upon reflection, my professor is an elderly man... I am also positive that he took time off during the fall semester to have some sort of operation on his head... Because he left for personal reasons and returned with a surgical gash on his bald head... Usually he follows up and specifically informs us via University e-mail that class is canceled... And class is rarely canceled... I hope he is okay... Everyone is expecting the worst tbh...




All teachers go to heaven doe


I'm waiting for class to start now.. And my prof sill didn't show up

Bout to bounce tbh
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