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I wanted to see what your guys' opinion was on my situation.

Long story short, my good friend from elementary school is a 24-year-old married man and I feel like his wife is my biggest hater, I think because she used to like me (but way back in middle school) and since I did not reciprocate this feeling maybe she's still bitter and resents me for it (which I believe is ridiculous).

Also, my friend's wife knows me as the shy awkward kid from high school, but after college, I've become a new person; more confidant, more fashionable, and overall a better person. She tries to challenge me or embarrass me whenever we're out as a group with other women.

And to top it off, my friend approached me the other day to tell me that he "heard from people" that they're wondering what my deal is. Like these so-called "people" are wondering why I'm full of myself and why I would, for example, post a story where I'm winking in the camera (which I did as a joke).

I'm wondering if anyone else has been in a similar situation? Like I don't believe I'm self-centered and I'm nice once you get to know me. Should I cut them off or just hang out with them less often? I am basically this guy's only friend now so I feel bad if I cut him off, but I can't stand his wife and I don't want to tell him what I think about her.

Any advice would be helpful, thanks <3
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