Kanye to The banner

I probably watched this about 20 times already

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i think im addicted

i even was at school watching it
it sure grabs other peoples attention a LOT

there so much artistry in both the music and the visuals
it keeps hittin me every time

how do you, as a rapper, shatter your jaw...
i mean after you shatter your jaw, and you whole mouth gets busted up...you should be allowed to sit this one out
but not only does he decided to stay on it
he becomes one of the greatest artists of all time and becomes an icon in the hip hop world

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obvious .... you are a yeezy stan
i already watch it like 10 times...
i lol'd at "you should be able to sit this one out" hahahah
about 15...
3 times, twice whilst baked out of my mind. The Power scene was hypnotising when I was stoned. Crazy.
$iggy said:
Anyone else masturbated to the movie?
i watched it for 3 times...
but i won't watch it anymore (but i know that i will :problem?: ) , because i want to save the tracks abit... :(
watched it 4 or 5 times.

but it was running in the background for basically the last two days, for about 10 hours each.
8th Wonder said:
I've watched it twice
Icon on the hip-hop world?
Hes an icon of the world IMO
I have seen it 8 times and 4 times while I was sleeping.. Felt like I was in my own world...
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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