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aight check it out

kanye should announce that he's gonna make some new dope beats
however he should have his fans and followers tweet what songs they want him to sample

and he goes on to make a good ass beat and can even shoot video of the process of making the beat
sorta like in his beatmaking interviews
maybe even fuck with the MPC a bit
but a number of videos and updates about the beat he's working on

itd be a good opportunity for kanye to do more outreach like what he did with #askkanye

in fact he could just make the beat himself and not even look at his folllowers requests

maybe release a few of them once a wk or w.e

this would be good cause people will be tweeting not only about kanye, but other artists and songs in the same tweet, and have a TT, so fans of a lot of other artists will get some of the buzz on kanye
thoguht it might be a good idea
o well there goes my money

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lol I highly doubt Kanye has the time to be making little beat making videos for people... that will only appeal to people who are into production...
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