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I mixed WTT and MBDTF

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and got




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Don C. said:
Named it Watch The Dark Fantasy, put it on shuffle and :wom:
My brain exploded
alban said:
watch the beautiful dark twisted fantasy "throne"
PradaG said:
i mixed grey goose with natty light...not a good idea.
creptandshecame said:
My Beautiful Dark Late Registration Watch The Graduation College Dropout Heartbreaks Throne Twisted 808s Fantasy

That's the mix I'm on
Needs more Jay tbh
imiweli said:
Dark Fantasy+College Dropout+Blueprint+Black Album+Watch The Throne

:mindfkd: :mindfkd: :mindfkd: :mindfkd:
Too much to fathom
Xavmatic said:
Dark Fantasy+College Dropout+Reasonable Doubt+Rolling Papers+Ready To Die+Illmatic+Midnight Marauders
That's just retarded :fly:
YeezItalia said:
:psyboom: :allears:

Runaway to ****** In Paris though :vom:
Transitioned well imo
YeezItalia said:
I'mma do this, fuck it :slick:
:fire: :delfap:
This shit is cray
Charles said:
shall we add the good friday songs?
I thought about it.
Tobi said:
haha thats my bitch, to runaway to ******* in paris
Ye done stole yo bitch
She hates him :ohno:
1 - 15 of 133 Posts
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