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I love my grandparents, but damn that generation needs to die off

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No I don't actually want them to die, but future generations will be so much better. Just saw some old dude post this on Facebook:

"I Believe the JUNGLE instinct is alive and well in Many Blacks to this day, it's part of their DNA, they can't help themselves. They continually attempt to prove it Every day against weather it be another Black person, a White person or Any Defenseless animal. That's the Jungle instinct, it's born inside and surfaces it's Ugly head at any Moment of relaxed concentration of becoming civilized. Many have overcome the instinct and are good People, but there are those that will never outgrow that instinct, and that's what we're dealing with today. That's when we use the "N" word in it's appropriate context. There are also Many White people that have that same instinct, and I feel that is also an appropriate time to use the "N" word. "
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yes, future generations that will spend their entire social lives through a computer.

There will always be shit in every generation.
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