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I have different opinions when...

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I'm not listening to WZRD and when I am (or just listened to it).

When I don't, I think "it should have been better in some departments", but when I do listen to it, I enjoy it to the fullest and think it's amazing (except L&L and some drums).

Any of you have the same experience?

I do think they need to hire a drummer for WZRD2, though, or at least some features. I want a really wild track with raging drums.
These drums are fun, but another album full of lo-fi hiphop-ish drums, will probably be somewhat boring, at least to me.
Cudi'll get better at guitar and I think there will be more than just some looping (or larger variety in one riff) in their next project, especially if we get some Mike Stroud featuring or something.
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so you do enjoy the album :huh:
LOL no it's okay. To each their own :kanyeshrug:

To answer your question is it on that "classic" status -- no it's not. Is it a good album? YES. But was it a game changer? No.

Then again ITS STILL really early to even think about ranking it like that.

I hope I answered your question loool
Cray-z said:
Yeah, but it's not legendary to me. Have to say I don't really call an album "legendary" very fast.
I'm just weird I guess, but you know, I want to know if I'm not alone, which is what Cudi('s section) is for, right?
Ahh when you called it "legendary" it threw me off but we're on the same page :salute: we both believe it's a good album and could've been EVEN better if Cudi went lyrcially deeper.

Then again you gotta know that this project was rushed by the label and he's still recovering from writer's block
Cray-z said:
I didn't ask if it was a classic, my articulation isn't always that clear, though.
It's definitely not a classic, but I like it and it's definitely not as bad as some are saying, in my opinion, so I guess we have about the same opinion? ha
I didn't mind PITW :tash:

He's definately improving, now I'm no guitar player and I'm ignorant as fuck when it comes to that shit but I don't care if the shit's simple if it sounds good it sounds good :kanyeshrug:

Hopefully WZRD 2 goes smoothly :ohno:
Cray-z said:
Yeah, I see that, and even though I liked PITW, you can see some clear improvement already and I'm guessing he's still growing. If Dr Pill wasn't that distorted, I think more people would have the same opinion (I love Dr Pill though, my fave off the album), since it's the latest song they created for the album.
About the lyrics, I think he'll be a better rock lyricist, you can see he was going for some clever (hiphopish) lines in there, while I think rock (or whatever music they are trying to make for WZRD) songs should be more about the "whole". Another type of poetry.
Ooh, and they should ask for a Daft Punk production, a Human After All (album)-ish WZRD song? I'd marry that.
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