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I have different opinions when...

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I'm not listening to WZRD and when I am (or just listened to it).

When I don't, I think "it should have been better in some departments", but when I do listen to it, I enjoy it to the fullest and think it's amazing (except L&L and some drums).

Any of you have the same experience?

I do think they need to hire a drummer for WZRD2, though, or at least some features. I want a really wild track with raging drums.
These drums are fun, but another album full of lo-fi hiphop-ish drums, will probably be somewhat boring, at least to me.
Cudi'll get better at guitar and I think there will be more than just some looping (or larger variety in one riff) in their next project, especially if we get some Mike Stroud featuring or something.
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man i agree with you, i really want them to get a drummer
i want to heard some hard drums like Patrick Carney from the black keys tbh, i really would love hear him collab with Ratatat or MGMT though
Cray-z said:
what kind of drummer do you think would fit them best?
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