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i was in my 5th period class chilling and i noticed that the girl i usually sit with was in a seat much farther away from me than usual :khaled:

i didn't think nun of it cause she was talking to her friend and everything seemed normal. i spoke to them for a lil bit then proceeded back to my seat as class was starting :kermit2:
after a few minutes, her friend comes over asking me if i'm going to prom. i been saying that i wasn't going for weeks and the both of them knew that :bronwhat:
anyway's, she was begging and pleading for literally 10 minutes. she said she has a date for me. i knew it was the other girl. she even threatened to rape me if i didn't go. :dahell: another girl sitting close came in to interrogate me on why i wasn't going. :binowhat:
truth is, i got terrible social anxiety, plus i can't dance and they pulled an insensitive stunt on me :jordancry:
the 2 girls finally go back to their originall seats after countless times of me declining their offers. i thought everything was good :lebrontroll:
the teacher begins starting her lesson. we always begin class with something called bell work, where a quote is on the board and we have a short class discussion on it
she had asked me to read the quote out loud which i found strange cause she usually reads it herself everyday :huh:
i read the quote which said "pleassseeee nick, will you got to prom with (girls name)? :damn:
at this point i hear everyone start screaming and chanting "aww's" and some other shit and i'm thinking in my head like, why would y'all do this to me? :atiavy:
someone yells from across the room, "are you going with her?" and i awkwardly say yes :floyd:
i'm sitting in my seat looking around like like :marty: and get up to go hug her. at this point i see camera lights shining all up on me and people start bussin out their snapchat videos and i'm just walking and looking like :mrkrabs:
i hug her or whatever and she's all smiley and nervous and shit and i talk for a few seconds then go back to my seat. people were still talking about it and i just wanted to off myself :atiavy:
dis girl knew i had anxiety bra i told her multiple times. why would she do dis shit to me. :meek:
two days ago she asked me to go with her jokingly and i said no :dab:
i do like dis girl but prom just isn't my thing :keefnah:
i'ma go with her tho, she already confirmed sex and i'ma virgin :yejoice:
plus she bad so i'm not that mad at it, she look a lil bit like sarah banks (real ones know) :obamahhh:


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nickxnyc said:
i was thinking of having her gunned down in public the night of prom to teach her a lesson :meek:
:khaled: might send the wrong message maybe just take her back home way past agreed time and anger her parents also remember to get at all her friends now like the dog she played you for :denzel:

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Yo OP I hope you get to fuck after cause that's more of an asshole move than I can think of from those girls

Edit : good :dead: I didn't finish after the hug part cause I already knew what the deal was but I feel you on the prom not your thing part , literally everyone telling me to go and the ticket cost $65 now , and I'm at a new school my senior fucking year I could care less about 95% of people here
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