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I fucked up [help] (Updated with pic)

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So a lot of times when I get drunk, I have the urge to get laid no matter what. And I always have that you know "fuck buddy" type thing going on with this girl a block away from my house. So last night, I got drunk, instantly talked to her on FB, went straight to her house. Got laid.

It would seem like a nice night right?.. wrong.

The problem with her is that she is FUCKIN CRAZY. I'm just in it for the sex, I want nothing with her at all :dno:

Now she is texting me like crazy, and asking about where I am... and won't leave me alone.

So my question is Life&Advice: How do I keep fucking her.... without having anything serious?

This is not a troll thread btw

Pic of said psycho:
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SB said:
That might hurt her psycho feelings doe :(

A ***** dont wanna get stabbed out here
Just ignore her.
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get a new fuckbuddy. Or tell her straightup that you wanna be FWB. or wife her up
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