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Do you like Shady 2.0?

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    Votes: 34 32.1%
  • No

    Votes: 47 44.3%
  • Indifferent.

    Votes: 25 23.6%
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I'm going to be honest, there are a plethora of reasons to no longer like Eminem, so I am not even going to bother, but Slaughterhouse just isn't my cup of tea, and seeing a bunch of 30+ dudes rap about how hard they are, whilst wearing fitted caps and baggy clothing (or are they just fat) doesn't appeal to me.

I know a lot of people say Shady 2.0 > YMCMB, but I'd rather get a new Drake project than a new Slaughterhouse album. They have a few hot joints here and there, but something about them... I dont know.

And yelawolf just looks dirty and greasy. And I'm just not a fan of that "rap meets country" thing.

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Eminem fucked up Yelawolf's album. I was excited as hell before that for the whole Shady 2.0 thing, cause they killed the cypher and had a song or two that were decent., but after seeing the results, fuck that.
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