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1. People can like different music and still get along

2. It's 2014, nobody tryna hear that boom bap shit dawg . . . i'm a rap fan and while I can respect the Wu's contributions, I'm not even tryna hear that old dusty ass shit dawg, the future is now man . . . where did you play Wu? The context of it could be an indicator of why they reacted that way.

3. Assuming you just started college within the past few days, get off of KTT and go make some friends man, your experience is what you make it . . . and it would be dumb to have a shitty experience when YOU are paying to be there

Fuck what music people like, go make some memories and get some butt . . . im starting in a few days and can't wait

Can't wait to put all the white girls on Dom Kennedy and 07-08 Gucci. Gonna have em in my dorm room moist off of Zaytoven compositions.
1 - 20 of 63 Posts
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