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Y'all remember ages ago when 30 Seconds To Mars recorded a track called Hurricane with Ye? Well his feature never made the album cut, but they just posted on Facebook that the music video will be featuring Ye.

I think this is gonna be fucking awesome.

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ImTalkinBoutChiTown said:
u cant leak something that dropped a year ago fam
Nah I mean the video bro.


But for y'all that haven't heard it, the Ye version leaked before the 30STM album came out in December 09. :joe:
Oozer said:
His lines are the best parts of the song.
I deleted the original from the album in my iTunes and put his version in its place. :problem?:
"West's vocal contribution to the song was ultimately removed because of legal issues surrounding the rights of each record company".

Wiki lol.
Damn guys who gives a fuck, new Ye video. :wom:
1 - 5 of 17 Posts
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