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> Connect iPod to computer.
> Go to [My Computer]
> Double click [iPod drive]
> click [Tools] on the menu bar up top
> next is [Folder Options]
> click the [View] tab
> Select the [Show Hidden Files & Folders] box and click [OK]
> A new, faded looking folder will appear. should be called "iPod Control"
>Right click "ipod control" Select [Properties]
> Un-select [Hidden] and click [OK]
> Select [Apply Changes To This Folder, Subfolder And Files] and click [OK]

> Open [iPod Control] folder.
> Open [Music] folder.
> You will notice folders labeled F00, F01, F02, F03, etc.
> All music is in these folders

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an article on how to get music you bought
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