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How to deal with loneliness?

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I live in Germany but I'm currently in Ibiza for 5 months. I had my mom staying at my place for a month (she broke her leg so she had to stay this long), my best friend came over for 1 week and my bro was staying for 3 weeks but today he is leaving...

I got friends here but nothing real, Imma be stayin alone in my apartment now, what the hell how will I survive this.
Seriously I dont wanna spend all my time on KTT, just the thought of it makes me wanna kill myself (dont worry this is not a suicidal thread).

I have lots of things I can do here, but drinking and partying by my own not only sounds depressing, it is hella depressing...
Fuck I miss my bro already and he is still here...

Not bringing him to the airport tbh, I dont wanna start crying on my way back.. (inb4OPisafaggot)

So, how to deal with lonelinsess
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Go to a library or a church. Surround yourself with other ppl so that u can talk to them
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