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How to deal with loneliness?

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I live in Germany but I'm currently in Ibiza for 5 months. I had my mom staying at my place for a month (she broke her leg so she had to stay this long), my best friend came over for 1 week and my bro was staying for 3 weeks but today he is leaving...

I got friends here but nothing real, Imma be stayin alone in my apartment now, what the hell how will I survive this.
Seriously I dont wanna spend all my time on KTT, just the thought of it makes me wanna kill myself (dont worry this is not a suicidal thread).

I have lots of things I can do here, but drinking and partying by my own not only sounds depressing, it is hella depressing...
Fuck I miss my bro already and he is still here...

Not bringing him to the airport tbh, I dont wanna start crying on my way back.. (inb4OPisafaggot)

So, how to deal with lonelinsess
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heartofalion said:
***** u gay
says the same one cryin bout a girl that was never his to begin with :oblivious:
heartofalion said:
i didnt shed any tears
romy did

= he gay :slick:
His topic = real

your topic = gay + it was over facebook

heartofalion said:
i know the girl in real life too, whats your point?
your feelings were based on your fake ass fabrication. c'mon man, i'm gonna leave it alone but don't try to bash dude and be hypocritical. Not a good look for you.
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