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How to deal with loneliness?

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I live in Germany but I'm currently in Ibiza for 5 months. I had my mom staying at my place for a month (she broke her leg so she had to stay this long), my best friend came over for 1 week and my bro was staying for 3 weeks but today he is leaving...

I got friends here but nothing real, Imma be stayin alone in my apartment now, what the hell how will I survive this.
Seriously I dont wanna spend all my time on KTT, just the thought of it makes me wanna kill myself (dont worry this is not a suicidal thread).

I have lots of things I can do here, but drinking and partying by my own not only sounds depressing, it is hella depressing...
Fuck I miss my bro already and he is still here...

Not bringing him to the airport tbh, I dont wanna start crying on my way back.. (inb4OPisafaggot)

So, how to deal with lonelinsess
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yea i had a job, but i kinda lost it, another big story lol

i actually like to party, but i dont take any drugs ok?  so if i dont go with my friends and try to meet my "friends" at the party (wich will be totally fucked up on everything, literally EVERYTHING) I wont like, those ppl are just  to trashy..
J3FFR3Y said:
Work out, find a job if you dont have one, just pretty much keep yourself busy but try to make friends & shit & build relationships then you wont be so lonely. Might take a while tho lol
I kinda know every single person on this island. but they not real friends u know + they always on drugs and shit, im a heavy drinker but i  pass on drugs.
ecrbubs said:
Try to meet people and don't lose communication with your friends
yea i kinda got a girl here but she too easy going, she comes and goes when she pleases, i know thats pretty cool cause she  smokin but its also headcrackin...
iYeezy said:
Find a girl? :dno:

Just chill on a beach or something, find something else to do, there's more to Ibiza than clubs
i do wanna party, but with some ppl i connect, like a real friend. ive been to every club here in ibiza  since years, but now it just got kinda dull and its not the same, plus the depression of being totally alone on fucking IBIZA fuckin
BxD said:
Dude your in Ibiza! I know you said you dont wanna party, but you are in the party capital of the world!
call me a hypocrit then, but i wont do any drugs besided alcohol :kanyshrug:
Masterace said:
alcohol is a drug tho
lol i put him in the cab and teared up a bit, but this aint even near as u shaving ur legs, sorry
heartofalion said:
everything you said about me being gay is now invalid :hah:

just hang in there bro, im trying to convince my friends to go to ibiza next month. i brought it up to them yesterday, will keep bringing it up. hopefully we end up going there and meet up with you :slick:
cmon dont say dat now, im in a critical state, might as well just start drinking alone...
heartofalion said:
***** u gay
kid cudi like all along?? :cryfam:
heartofalion said:
nah fuck dat. just listen to some kid cudi or the postal service tbh. always cheers me up
i know i was jus jkin, if i listen to all along dat would be the end..
heartofalion said:
lol nah fuck dat, i cant listen to that without getting depressed

heaven at nite, sky might fall, enter galactic, mr. rager, tgif, cudi zone, heart of a lion etc etc
yea i come to ibiza since forever (13 years to be precise, but i started partying with 16, not with 8 obviously. im 21 btw) now, but im stayin in a 1 room apartment. no place for 6 dudes i dont know, sorry.

and yea i know i should be fucking happy about being in ibiza, but its always the same. i srsly dont wanna brag, but the clubs kinda got boring.. (but i still always go since i dont pay entrance and get into the vip, not bragging tbh)
The Kanye Stan said:
YOURE IN IBIZA?!?! In all seriousness, if me and my 5 friends book a flight, can we stay at yours?
We wanna come in September for all the closing parties, but its too frickin expensive!

Asif you live in Ibiza. Thats every kids dream around here!! :allears:
i was working, but lost my job cause i had a fight with my dickless boss and i kinda insulted him of being a cokehead and that he suck dicks....now im here jobless (but lookin for something), the thing is i must stay here cause i am in a apartment contract, if i leave i lose some money, not too bad tho, the only bad thing is that im alone :kanyeshrug:
The Kanye Stan said:
Why you in Ibiza alone anyway?
i just realized ur a girl, if u still wanna come with ur 5 FEMALE friends to my 1 room apartment ur welcome


joke tho, i rly got no room for any1 :cryfam:
The Kanye Stan said:
Ill come see you :)
it was good at the beginning, when i started off alone, but now that i had every1 staying here sometime, i really miss it
MAnt said:
I love being alone
ahhh what the hell right??? u can all stay with me in my king size bed :epic:
The Kanye Stan said:
I guess me and my 5 girls will just go else where... :sarc2:
all cool
MAnt said:
What can I say? I'm a socially akward introvert so I don't really mind (inb4pathetic) :kanyeshrug:
barrano247 said:
TBH, heres my advice. Now im only 16, but if i was alone in a party city, id probably get a boom box, get that waka flocka mixtape duflocka rant, run up in a club with that shit all the way up, and proceed to get dome from every girl in the club. Just my advice.
library or a church......just no, seriosuly fuck dat
Chaval said:
Go to a library or a church. Surround yourself with other ppl so that u can talk to them
dont quote some guy and then throw shots at me...:cmon:
if u wanna settle this make a thread in RS if shaving legs for no reason or crying cause u just had to say goodbye to ur brother for a long time is more gay, we'll see who wins :sarc2:
heartofalion said:
i didnt shed any tears
romy did

= he gay :slick:
lazy suicidal bomber....well lets just forget this cause this shit :offtopic:
heartofalion said:
no. you make the poll
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