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Haven't seen this thread in a while (well, between this forum and the old one), got some pretty interesting results last time.

How many Kanye West (related) songs (everything from studio album songs to mixtapes to live albums to remixes and covers of songs to intrumentals to stuff he is featured on and everything in between) do you have on your ipod/mp3 player/whatever?

I have about 225, not including stuff he has produced. I thought I had more, I guess not. I am trying to get more remixes and covers. I have seen numbers much higher than mine  :ninja:

EDIT: Not including skits or features, probably more like 210 or so.


if i type kanye west into my itunes i get 203...but for some reason my whole blueprint 3 album says kanye is the composer so 203-17 = 186 songs i guess
1 - 20 of 90 Posts
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