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How "How To Love" is popular?

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I'm from Brazil, so I want to know how "How To Love" is already #6 Billboard Hot 100 and All of The Lights peaked at #18?

Seriously? How? smfh.
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Drizzy F Weezy said:
because it's a good song.
No it's not.
Drizzy F Weezy said:
i am tired of you internet loser bashing popular music lol

so yall think yall cooler than us because yall listen to unknown aritsts ? guess what someone is out there partying having a good time & it's damm right not u guys

fuck yall just becase music is popular doesnt mean its not good,stop acting like yall some damm profesional music critics yall aint shit in reality
Who is bashing popular music? I just compared it to All of The Lights. If AOTL is not pop I don't know what pop is.

AOTL >>>>>>>> How To Love
1 - 3 of 125 Posts
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