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How "How To Love" is popular?

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I'm from Brazil, so I want to know how "How To Love" is already #6 Billboard Hot 100 and All of The Lights peaked at #18?

Seriously? How? smfh.
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anyone who listens to How To Love by Lil Wayne... likes cock... im sorry...
wil10 said:
Attach the artists to those songs lol. I listen to country also so I don't really follow the new rock shit like Green Day tbh. And no I'm not old I'm 20, I just don't listen to tight jean *******. If any music genre has suffered it is def. rock.
60-80's rock>00's rock.
agreed... but there are still a few good bands from the 90's to now like radiohead, white stripes, and red hot chili peppers
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