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How has Kanye's music inspired you/changed your life?

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The power of music is something that never should be underestimated. Why do people listen to music when they run at the gym? Because it pumps them up, makes them run faster and longer. Why do people listen to music when they are in the car? It makes things less boring. Why do people listen to music while doing their homework? It might make them concentrate more.

Thus, and while this may get uber stanish, I would be lying to myself if I said the music of Kanye West didn't inspire me. I am sure there were those times where the influences and sounds of Flashing Lights could make me write a better essay, or Touch the Sky's message made me want to reach for the stars...so if I fell I landed on the cloud. Hey Mama made me love my mom more, and learn to appreciate her and maybe as a result that was a reason I am closer to her now than I was before? Or just the general idea of family promoted in Ye's music has made me hang out with my older brothers more. And 808s influence has become obvious among the heartbroken here - bumping Welcome to Heartbreak over and over, if it made you feel better, it made you feel better. And Amazing was a pick me up...and Paranoid made me realize, everyone has those crazy feelings described in VH1 Storytellers.

Kanye's music, like a lot of music, doesn't have to just be there for listening pleasure. There is nothing wrong with your life being changed by the synth and strings of I Wonder. If that (for example), really did help you, really did change your life, even in a small way, I think that is an absolutely wonderful, and if you care to share, please do so.
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