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How do I get rid of my new hamster

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my friend asked me to take his hamster permanently and i impulsively said yes like an idiot. here's the issue. i hate rodents. i don't even wanna touch the thing. none of my friends wanna take it. what do I do?
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FullSend Czar said:
My hamster got stuck behind the wheel and died :whoa:

when i was younger i got two more after, and one got pregnant. It started shitting out little pink babies all over the place :damn: I was so scared. I thought those things were little alien species of some sort.

So i got scared to go near the cage and feed it :snoopsmh: THEN THE MOTHER STARTED EATING THE BABIES OUT OF HUNGER :jordancry:
Had to throw the whole cage away. Fuck hamsters
Youre a whole dumb ass if this is true
Beautiful Morning ⛈ said:
Most of the posters itt should not be around animals
I used to feel the same about hamsters, but one of my past hoes had one and I grew to adore it. It seemed to literally recognize who it likes and who it didn't (ofc it loves me cuz I'm the animal whisperer :smug: ). To me, that's a pet worthy of keeping. They live pretty short lives too, like 2-3 years avg. Go figure that it died about a month after we broke up :fly:

Care Giver LOV3LY said:
Its little heart just couldn't take you leaving

ikr :jordancry: this is why I cant fw pets that have short life spans. Shit would devastate me every time.
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