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How do I get rid of my new hamster

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my friend asked me to take his hamster permanently and i impulsively said yes like an idiot. here's the issue. i hate rodents. i don't even wanna touch the thing. none of my friends wanna take it. what do I do?
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venus said:
take a picture of it with the flash on
Ye. said:
it did bug out when i did that
WAIT WHAT :cryhah:
loner said:
No My Name Is FLACCO said:
My jawn killed herself #OnGod. Came back from vacation she was in the mop bucket floating dawg. To answer your question, go on vacation and leave the cage open on accident
Tyler Waves said:
yo lmaoooooooo
The way he just threw it in the toilet all nonchalant. Bruh :cryhah:
Thats hilarious. Fucked up but funny as shit.
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