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How do I get rid of my new hamster

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my friend asked me to take his hamster permanently and i impulsively said yes like an idiot. here's the issue. i hate rodents. i don't even wanna touch the thing. none of my friends wanna take it. what do I do?
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Jesus y’all are fucking terrible. Ask your friend to take it back or try to find a new home for it. Call a vets office and see if they can find anyone to take it in
Ye. said:
honestly i'm starting to respect the hamster but there are two things holding me back from being a good owner of it:

i don't wanna touch it bc i just fear rodents but i can get over that
i live in a dorm (no roommate thank god) but since hamsters are nocturnal it keeps me up at night. all i hear is that fucking wheel.
I hope you get over touching it soon because hamsters are quite sweet and adorable. And as for the wheel get one of those quiet hamster wheels (shouldn’t be that much to buy one)
Most of the posters itt should not be around animals
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