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Themadness said:


Hyped On The Mic Ft. DJK

Who Can It Be
Cryptic Wisdom Ft. Hopsin & D-Minds - The Real Meaning of Christmas
Cryptic Wisdom Ft. Hopsin, D-Mindz & T-Brollic - One Night
D-Mindz Ft. Hopsin - You Don't Like Me


My Christmas
The Ill Mind of Hopsin (Freestyle)
Industry Payback - Funk Volume (Seth Rock, SwizZz, Abyss, Cryptic Wisdom, Nayme Brand, Omega & Hopsin)
Ak'sent, Hopsin, Donte "Burger" Winston & T.Keli - This is my Life
Hopsin Get Silly (12 seconds snippet)
Hopsin & Avila Brothers - Wake Up Show

Gazing At The Moonlight

2-I'm Here
3-Break It Down
4-Who Do You Think I Am
5-Sexy Cyber
6-Pans In The Kitchen
7-Story Of Mine
9-Chris Dolmeth
10-B Bop
12-Super Duper Fly
14-Don't Trust Em
15-Gazing At The Moonlight

Haywire (Mixtape) (Hopsin & SwizZz)

1-Funk Volume (Hopsin & SwizZz)
2-Bad Motherfucker (Hopsin & SwizZz)
3-Too Far Gone (SwizZz)
4-It's All Good Now (Hopsin)
5-Lucifer Effect (Hopsin & SwizZz)
6-I Make The World Spin (Hopsin)
7-Blow A Cloud (SwizZz)
8-Turn It Up (Hopsin & SwizZz)
9-Wanna Know (SwizZz)
10-The Hop Train (Hopsin)
11-Low-Dough (SwizZz)
12-Cover Up (Hopsin)
13-Ramble (SwizZz)
14-Leave Me Alone (Hopsin)

The Ill Mind of Hopsin 3 (Freestyle)
Rise Until You Fall (Unmixed)
Rone Bone Ft. Hopsin & Leo Nellz - Backstabber
T.O.N.E-Z Ft. Hopsin - Can't Stop Me (Remix)
T.O.N.E-Z Ft. Hopsin - Champion
Mark Morrison Ft. Hopsin - Crazy (Remix)
Twisted Ft. Hopsin - Einstagator
Emence Beats Ft. Hopsin, Kombine & Grewsum - Get This Low
Hex Ft. Hopsin - Going Psycho
Flawless Ft. Hopsin - Keep It Rugged
Sianide Ft. Hopsin - Let It Go
Vice Gripp Ft. Hopsin - Losin My Mind
Katz Ft. Noble & Hopsin - Outta My Mind
ET Ft. Hopsin - Ripper (ode to Jack)
Bankrupt DUO Ft. Hopsin - Ruthless
Brotha Lynch Hung Ft. Hopsin - She Thinks I'm a Psycho (Remix)
ESGGLSCM Ft. Hopsin & Einstine - Skate Today
The Dons Ft. Hopsin - Sound of Hustlin
Trilogy Mafia Records Ft. Hopsin - Tomorrow Never Comes
Rhyme Slayerz Ft. Hopsin & SwizZz - We Don't
Critta Ft. Hopsin - What We Got
Megrov Ft. Hopsin - Beasts
Shneal Ft. Hopsin - Animal Instinct
G-Mo Skee Ft. Hopsin - Shit Bowl

RAW (2010)

1-Hot 16's
2-Sag My Pants
3-Are My Enemy
5-I'm Not Introducing You
6-I Can't Decide
7-I Am Raw Ft. SwizZz
8-Nocturnal Rainbows
9-How You Like Me Now Ft. SwizZz
10-Heather Nicole
11-Kill Her
12-I'm Not Crazy Ft. Cryptic Wisdom & SwizZz
13-Where Will I Go
14-Baby's Dady
14-Blood Energy Potion
16-Pillow Man

BQ Ft. Hopsin - Popular
Outcast Ft. Hopsin - The Real Chaos
Absoloot Squad Ft. Hopsin - So Unfair
Malifik Ft. Hopsin & Kryptic - Pay The Price
Phillie Tha Kyd Ft. Hopsin - On The Verge
Ghost Ft. Hopsin - You Turned Your Back
Novi Novak Diss (Part 1)
Novi Novak Diss (Part 2)
Tech N9ne Ft. B.o.B & Hopsin - Am I A Psycho?
North Side Ninjaz Ft. Hopsin - Murda Spree
Hopsin & SwizZz Freestyle (from: Don't Fuck Up Our Beats)
Nobe Ft. Hopsin - All In My Head
J Smitty Ft. Hopsin - So Seriously
Tim Hortons Ft. Hopsin & Mad Maxxx - Renigade
Troubled Mindz Ft. Hopsin - Open The Door
Toxsick Ft. Hopsin & T.O.N.E-z - Whateva (Snippet)
Dagda Ft. Hopsin - Very Afraid
Liquid Assassin Ft. Hopsin - Beastmode
Abztrakt Ft. Hopsin & Icy Blue - Inside My Mind
Cohesive Ft. Hopsin - Secrets Out
bang Bang Boogie (Hopsin & SwizZz)
Ill Mind of Hopsin 4 (Hopsin)

2012: X
Hopsin Ft Dizzy Wright, SwizZz & DJ Hoppa- Funkvolume 2012

Soon to come
Hop Madness (Album Knock Madness)
ill mind of Hopsin V​
he could easily take eminems spot as the 'Fuck you' artist!

his flow is similer to tech N9ne
he's the next up!


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tbh i like tylers whole presentation better but i can vibe with this shit

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The Man said:
Receive your thrashing in your math class thread like a man.

Right now.
Tomorrow when I can focus and school y'all cuz dont think I wasn't reading. I got the textbooks out right now

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Synopsis said:
Tomorrow when I can focus and school y'all cuz dont think I wasn't reading. I got the textbooks out right now

Even S came into the thread to prove you wrong.

C'mon son, it's okay to be wrong sometimes.

Just post in the thread again once b4 you sleep.

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I just made a thread about the guy not to long ago he is dope..Definitely reminds me of a younger Eminem...not as good obviously but you can see comparisons.

Nocturnal Rainbows >

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Synopsis said:
Nobody is the reincarnation of 98' Eminem. Let's get that straight real quick
And the dude comes off as corny to me. He looks like a kid reachin when he attacks rappers for no reason like Lupe who has never done shit. That's played out, he just wants to take 50s path. Also he doesn't even have close to the flow of Tech N9ne.
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