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No, going up on stage and being a douchebag to Taylor Swift is not justified, no matter how awesome you are. But when Kanye says things about filling the gap which was left when Michael Jackson died, or being the fucking tree man, or being the voice of a generation - honestly, I think he is completely right. I hate how people dismiss Kanye's comments without even considering them - if he isn't the closest thing to being as genius as Michael Jackson, who is? Now I know I am bias, of course I will say that, but the Grammys, the reviews, the testaments of other bands, other hip-hop artists - those are just facts. So when Kanye says ridiculously egotistical shit, I think he is fucking right  :sarc2:.

And for people who say he hasn't changed - there is a big difference between acting like a dick at award shows, and acting egotistical to no one in particular. He may always be arrogant, but I think the "being nice is my whole shit" Rosewood moment means not being a fucking asshole. Arrogant, not asshole. There is a difference, and people should recognize.

Honestly, I can't wait until this album comes out if only because it will provide me with more fire with which to fight the idiots. Fighting them may seem pointless, but hearing them say "ok fine I guess he's pretty good, but he's still an asshole". I love how painful for it is for them to admit he is at least pretty good, but it means something, if even they in all their hate for Kanye can admit he is pretty good, you know he is a legend. And I fucking mean legend.

And for the record, I think Kanye is fucked out of his mind...his ego can be disgusting. But he's not wrong.

Another thing...Some of the greatest artists in the world had/have the biggest egos...America hasn't seen/heard a great artist in such a long time so they're not use to an artist having an ego...
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