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Before we start the review I just want to address that I am a huge kanye fan/stan, I've been a fan since I was 6 years old when College Dropout came out and I was starting to listen to music/rap and now that I am 18 and have been a huge a kanye stan my whole life and also an avid listener of Hip-Hop and generally music as a whole I felt like I should share my honest opinion on Kanye West latest album, The Life of Pablo. Which I have been listening to religiously since it officially dropped. Now that the hype has died off, I feel like it would be appropriate to rate it now.

0= Pointless,Really fucking bad
1= Horrible


The review would start off with a brief explanation of the events prior to album, followed by brief song by song reviews, then it ends with a conclusion and a number rating.

Ok, let us begin. The Life of Pablo is Kanye West's seventh solo album, work on the album started few months after his sixth solo, Yeezus, which in this time frame he has accomplished many objectives outside of music that may or may have not affected the outcome of TLOP. He announced the "release date" of the album in early January, and more information about the album has been revealed more than ever within that time frame.
With the name changes, rumored songs and singles, and the tracklist changes. It became a worry that the album was being rushed, or would not be complete in time. At the Yeezy Season 3 Fashion Show/Listening Party at Madison Square Garden, Kanye played what was supposed to be the final album, but we later find out that it was incomplete and changes to the album's tracklist were made immediately. The public would not get to listen to the album until that Saturday after Kanye's SNL performance.


1.  Ultralight Beams ft. Chance The Rapper, The-Dream, and Kelly Price

A very soulful and gospel track to start of the album, overall a great song to listen to very reminiscent of Kanye's earlier work with a mix of his new style. One thing that might trouble fans is Kanye's presence in this track. He spits a short verse and the rest of the song is carried out by guest artists. The song is great, but it could of been more, and I feel that is the one flaw of the song that keeps it from being amazing.


2. Father Stretch My Hands Pt.1 ft. Kid Cudi

This song is one of my favorites on the album, but it has many flaws that keeps it from being one of favorite Kanye West's tracks. Once again Kid Cudi is on chorus duty and kills it. But the biggest flaw of this song that keeps it from being as great as it should be is Kanye's lyrics. The first line in Kanye's verse is one of the worst lines he has ever rapped, ever. Ruins the whole song, yeah people might say it is funny and it relates to his life style but it's just too awkward and raunchy to start off the track. It is just very out of place and the song could of been great without it. Kanye's lyrics in this track bring it down and it just seems he didn't really try to make a great verse anyway.


3. Father Stretch My Hands Pt.2

Unlike Pt. 1, Kanye's verse on this song was fairly decent, but the biggest issue of this song is, IT ISN'T A KANYE SONG, the majority of the track is Panda by Desiigner. Don't get me wrong, I like the song, but it isn't a Kanye song. This is a new low for Kanye, using someone else's track on your own album is just plain dumb.


4. Famous

This song is nothing but fire, great track overall, the Taylor Swift line, the braggadocio lyrics, the production, the RiRi chorus, the only thing that kinda weighs the track down is Swizz Beats being annoying at certain moments of the track and the fact it's pretty short and could of had another verse added in.



Another braggadocio track, but the lyrics aren't as strong as Famous, but Kanye's flow and delivery was great and the ending with the Ghetto Oprah outro is hilarious and would be remembered for a while. But the track as a whole isn't up to par with songs similar to this on the album and to West's previous work. So besides the funny outro and the infectious chorus, the song isn't that good. Alright at best.


6. Low Lights

There was no point on having this on the album, it's literately just filler. 100% Skippable.



Just like Hold My Liquor on Yeezus, Kanye manages to use the talents of a rapper such as Young Thug on a different yet amazing level. This song has great production and a catchy chorus. The guest vocals are on point as well. The one issue with this song is Kanye's lyrics, there aren't bad but they are not anything special.


8. Freestyle 4

Alright song, reminiscent of an angry drunk Kanye, sounds like a song that could of been on Yeezus, Desiigner's outro isn't that bad either.


9. I Love Kanye

Funny acapella of Kanye addressing, fan/hater complaints of his current behavior and direction in life. But to be completely honest, after a few listens this track becomes an instant skip.


10. Waves

For a song that delayed the album a couple more days, it wasn't as good as it was hyped up to be. Feels like a Chris Brown track ft. Kanye West and Kid Cudi. The production is great but the lyrics are vague and lack any depth or real meaning. This album could of been alright without it.


11. A good track, just like the previous tracks it has top notch productions. Kanye's lyrics are fairly decent and The Weeknd's feature is one of the best of the album. No complaints here.


12. Real Friends

A G.O.O.D. Friday track that released on soundcloud prior to the release of the album. One of the best tracks on the album, feels more complete than most of the tracks prior and Kanye's lyrics were great. The Piano instrumental is haunting and is one of my favorites of the album.


13. Wolves

Like many I was excited for this track for almost a year, but was disappointed with the final version. Kanye's verse in this track was not necessary and could of been done way better, getting rid of Vic Mensa and Sia's vocals was one of the biggest mistakes on the album. Frank's verse is nice and well put, but comparing this to older version of the track it leave's the listener wanting more and thinking how good the track could of been without the changes.


14. Silver Surfer Intermission

Deadass, no point of having this here. Dumbass phone call.


15. 30 Hours

This is probably the best song on the album next to NMPILA, Kanye delivers great lyrics and picks up Andre 3000 for the chorus, but it isn't perfect, the biggest downfall of this track is the extended outro, which Kanye calls out as his version of a shoutout track, it just didn't seem necessary. Like a lazier version of Last Call from CD.


16. No More Parties in LA

This song is great, Kendrick and Ye on an Madlib instrumental. The song has nothing wrong with it unless you want to be very nitpicky.


17. Facts (Charlie Heat Version)

Updated version of Kanye's Nike Diss track, with a way better beat, reminds me of H.A.M. The song is very new school trap-esque.


18. Fade

When I first heard this song in the Season 2 fashion show I was just dying to hear the CDQ. Not that it is here, I am actually kind of glad. It's a very catchy tune. But it lacks at places that could of made this song, the song of the album. The bass was changed from the Season 2 version which I preferred more than the final album version. Also a lack of a real verse of Kanye bothers me the most, this song could of been way better with at least one legit verse. Ty Dolla $ign and Post Malone did very well on this track and did what was necessary.


The album was rushed, and it is obvious from the state it was left in. I would be a liar if I said I didn't enjoy the album, but I would be an even bigger liar if I said this wasn't one of his worst projects, if not the worst. Overall I give the album a 5/10, weak 6/10 at best. The math might not add up for the album rating compared to the individual song ratings because they are separate, even though the song may be enjoyable by themselves, as a whole they make a weak project.

As a huge Kanye fan I feel that he should try his absolute best for his next album, but before he attempts to do that he has to be in the right state of mind. He needs to give it time and dedication and has to be healthy doing this. He should really aim on topping MBDTF, and for real this time. An album that if he was to retire off it and focus on fashion and his other endeavors. Absolutely no one would complain.

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Culprit said:
huge ye fan. and this is pretty honest review. After revisting Yeezus, this album doesn't hold a candle to it.
hot pancakes said:
I think it's better than you think but I respect your opinion because its honest and not biased
vien said:

I disagree with some of this, but respect OP's opinion and the amount of work he put into this
Ty fam appreciate it :lilb:

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El Señor West said:
Shitting on FSMH pt 1 and 2 :what:
Don't get me wrong, I love those tracks, it's just they could of been way more and compared to Kanye's standards that he put himself on. They don't meet them at all.
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