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Since this is primarily a music forum, I was wondering if y'all could help me with a history project? I have to come up with songs that represent scenes from an imaginary movie we are making about the book "Broken Spears." It's about the Spanish conquering the Aztecs. Then I have to write about why I chose each song and why it represents the scene I chose it for.

1.) Basically the first scene is about Aztec messengers boarding the Spanish ship with gifts for Cortes, and they also offer food with human blood on it and the Spanish reject it horrified. They tie up the messengers, shoot their cannon to scare them, and then they let them go.

2.) The other scene is the legacy of the book, which I chose to be the families (Aztec descendants) years later writing grievances to the Spanish king about them still being treated badly by the Spanish colonists in Mexico.

I have songs for the rest of the movie but I have no clue what to use for these two. If anybody could throw some serious ideas out (no Kanye haha) I would be forever grateful.
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