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Yooooo.. Yes.. I DJ too. Check this shit out. Straight hip hop. Did this for fun just now. 30 mins of fun and what not..


(Yeah my cover game is crazy too)​


Summer Jam - The Cool Kids
Trouble On My Mind - Pusha T
Paper Planes - MIA
Thank You Instrumental - Jay-Z
Brooklyn Go Hard sample - Jay-Z
Empire State of Mind - Jay-Z
Ten Crack Commandments - Biggie
Dark Fantasy - Kanye West
Higher - J. Cole
Public Service Announcement - Jay-Z
Who Dat - J. Cole
Kick In The Door - Biggie
Flashing Lights - Kanye West
Ffunny Ffriends - Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Erase Me - Kid Cudi
Work Out - J. Cole
Hypnotize - Biggie
Kick Push - Lupe Fiasco
That Girl - Pharrell
Exceed Your Expectations - CJ The Genesis (Shouts to CJ)
New Jeeps - Dom Kennedy
Boomin' - The Cool Kids (Ended with that smooth shit)​

This that shit for your car! Your parties! Anything! Some fucking music?! Yeah thats this right here! A sex playlist! Whatever you feel.

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