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Hey we need to mass tweet Kanye's twitter for that lost verse

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You guys remember before the song played, Lupe was talking about how he had another verse in Don't Look Down and it was better than his other one.

We must hear this, get Kanye to give us it noooow!
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My bad guise on the typo
Lupe was just answering a few questions

He has no plans in going to G.O.O.D. Music because he doesn't want to leave his label
He said that Kanye didn't use one of his verses for Don't Look Down
He said that Friend of the People is coming out and he said to send song suggestions for him to rap on to Busy
He said that his next tour, "Generation Lasers"(iirc), is going to have all new songs

And a few more things, but I forgot
Someone help me out if I missed out anything important
staterun said:
can anyone give me recap of the ustream..i heard the song but what else happend?
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