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Lupe said that he's probably still using Stereo Sun for the album.

He recorded a second verse for "Don't Look Down" which is fire, as he said. But it's up to Ye if it'll see the light of day or not.

He also said there's not an official release date for FOTP yet, but he told us to tweet Busy with what songs we want to hear him freestyle on.

There will be a Generation Lasers tour and Lupe said that, as long as everything goes as planned, he's kicking it off with a show in Chicago and it's gonna be insane. Performing ALL-new Lasers tracks as a gift for not putting on the Halloween show.

He also talked about the rumors about him signing with G.O.O.D Music. Were just rumors, he has his own company, FNF. "Why be a soldier when I'm already a general."

and...there'll be a video for Japanese Cartoon's 'Gasp'  :yay:
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